Can be obtained with:
git clone

txkbmap - yet another xkbmap GUI (screenshot)
ticebg - icewm background configuration utility (screenshot)
MurmurHash3CLI - Command Line Interface for MurmurHash3
MurmurHash3PHP - php extension for MurmurHash3
tavvvaprog_attiny26 - ATTiny26 SPI programmer for Linux (direct parallel port access)
tavvvaprog_atmega8 - ATMega8 SPI programmer for Linux (direct parallel port access)
tavvva_ppdrv - ioctl based parallel port driving library for Linux (no direct I/O)


tavvvamouse 0.3.1 - PS2 to ATARI/AMIGA mouse port adapter (HW + SW)
tavvvamouse 0.3.1 (ctirad-mod) - Scheme and FW for SMD version made by Ctirad Fertr

tavvvasio - cheap and easy to make SIO connector replacement
floppy+turbo - need floppy (SDrive) & casette tape drive with turbo connected at once?

Grid Computing:

World Community Grid Projects:
Say No to Schistosoma
GO Fight Against Malaria
Drug Search for Leishmaniasis
Help Conquer Cancer
Computing for Clean Water
Help Fight Childhood Cancer
Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2
Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 2
The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2
Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together - Phase 2

Points : 15
Rank : #15
MilkyWay@home Projects:
Highly accurate 3D model of the Milky Way galaxy

Credit : 76,808.79


xcolumns (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, OpenSolaris, ...) ... DOWNLOAD(TGZ)

Heartlight (JAVA for mobile phones ...) ... 240x320(ZIP)  150x200(ZIP)  120x160(ZIP)

RapidShare Auto Downloader v1.3 (Linux/bash) ... DOWNLOAD(ZIP)
Home of the original script made by sniper11 is HERE

FreeBSD keyboard switcher ... DOWNLOAD
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